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ink, stones, paper, tv set [songzhuan art museum, beijing]


"itaúna" is a tupi word meaning "black stone". using the poem no meio do caminho by andrade, this installation works as a metatext by creating a complex writing machine just using stones.

in a first layer a 8m wall is used to create a calligraphic work by throwing stones, dipped in chinese ink, where linguistic signs or characters are misplaced by the marks and impacts of each stone. it is a writing act and a politic act at the same time, with a real and physical agression to the museum structure. once the stones fall into the floor they are fixed into its position and become part of the final installation. this action was not visible to the audience.

the "performance" was recorded and used as the source to a second layer of text, with a tv set that was placed at the right and bottom of the same wall, displaying a video-poem where image and sound are misplaced, and long frames of black screen appear just making visible when each stone was launched to the wall. the writing/calligraphic act. that way the sound of falling stones is re-acting the painting of the wall.

a third layer of reading is created by three graphic works, where as a reference to kosuth (word, object and reference) a stone from the largo do carmo in lisboa is used to generate three works. the largo do carmo was the central spot where the revolução dos cravos toke place.

the work is a political and linguistic monument reffering to portuguese language and portuguese colonization of brazil.


´ itaúna, altaió 14

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