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Clear. Heavy snow at nightfall. Still snowing. Weather changeable. Clear. It was a little bit more overcast by nightfall. Clear. That balmy breeze took up the scent of the earth. Clear. Clear.
Clear. Rainstorm at nightfall. Still raining. Overcast. Clear, cold. Clear. Overcast, quite a storm blowing. Heavy rain. Overcast. Cold. Overcast. Very wet. Still wet. Clear. Clouded over. Clear. Light rain at nightfall. A touch of rain in the morning. Rain again at nightfall. Heavy rain until afternoon. Dull, brightening in the morning. Clear. Weather very cool with intermittent cloud. Dull. Clear. A chill wind that could cut to the bone. Clear, warm. Great storm. Clear. Clear.
Clear, warm. Clear. Heavy rain first thing, turning to hail the size of beans. Drizzle. Clear. Overcast. Clear, cool. Clear. Refreshing atmosphere. Clear, cool. Spreading seas and empty sky. Clear. Strong north wind. Clear, cool. Very cold breeze. Overcast and wet, a great pall of mist. Snowstorm first thing, succeeded progressively by rain. Clear, cold as a harsh winter with ice an inch thick. Clear, calm. Water dark blue. Bright white of the swelling moon. Murky weather, sky completely overcast. Clear, warm. Heavy rain. Blurring everything to a monochrome of sea and sky. Clear. A savage storm. Clear. Clear. Major hurricane. Clear. Clear, warm. Cooler by nightfall. Clear with a head wind. Hazy with driving drizzle. Dark, howling wind. Cold. Clear with a strong wind. Rain early on, clearing in the afternoon. Clear, calm. Light rain and powerful head wind. Clear. Water black. Clear. Very warm in the afternoon. Clear. Steady south wind. Clear, calm. Northeasterly breeze. Clear, with a steady wind and a quite swell. Overcast, cold. Clear. Clear. Brisk shower. Clear. Clear, clouding over. Heavy rain at nightfall. Clear. Dull and rainy. Clear. Light rain this afternoon, clearing. Clear, extremely hot. Clear. Light rain shower in the afternoon. Overcast with rain, extremely cold. Clear, warm. Clear. Clear: heat unimaginable. Clear, calm. Clear, warm. Clear. Sea calm and green. Clear; sea flat as a looking glass. Clear. Torrential rain first thing, clearing after lunch. Clouded over again in the evening. Still raining heavily first thing. Clear. Clear and calmer. Clear, wind and sea calm, water light-green. Overcast, raining and very cool. Extremely cold by nightfall. Clear, calm. Overcast and raining. Cool. Still raining. Overcast. Slightly clearer. Clear. Dull, clearing after noon. Clear, light rain. Clear, coolish. Clear, hot. Clear. Light showers. Dull and rainy. Clear, hot. Clear. Clear. Fine hot. Fine, clouding over in the afternoon. Cloudy. Clear, clouding over. Still drizzling and murky. Weather cleared as night fell. Clear. Clear, hot. Clear, hot. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Heavy rain. Clear. Clear. Clear. Dull cool. Clear. Clear. Dull. Dull, rainy and rather cooler. Clear. Dull, rainy, rather cooler. Dull, drizzling. Clear. Clear. Cloudy and slightly colder at nightfall. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Slightly cooler after nightfall. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Dull. Dull, rainy. Rain again, cool. Heavy rain. Dull. Clear. Clear, cold with a cross wind. Clear, calmer. Clear, calm, water deep blue. Dull. Dull, head wind. Dull, cold. Warmer and clearing at nightfall. Clear. A fresh wind and a swell in the afternoon. Clear. Stormier even than yesterday. Clear. Sea green. Clear. Thick fog at first, clearing slightly in the afternoon. Slightly duller. Clear. Drizzling all morning. Clear. Dull, rainy. Dull, rainy. Dull. Slightly clearer. Dull. Weather unsettled. Slightly clearer. Heavy rain all morning. Half clear. Dull and cold again at nightfall. Thick fog early on, lighting sightly in the afternoon. Rain at nightfall. Drizzle. Clear. Clear. Dull. A black fog blotted everything out first thing in the morning. Clear. Dull, cool. Dull. Thick fog darkened the sky. Clear. Clear. Slightly clearer, cool. Clear, very cool. Clear, cool, clouding over. Dull at first, clearing after noon. Dull. Drizzle. Clear. Dull, rainy. Dull and rainy all morning. Everything is swathed in a black fog. Clear. Weather unsettled. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear, cool. Clear. Very windy all night and very cold upon rising. Dull. Clear. Clear. Clear, cold. Dull, cold. Clear, cold. Clear. Dull, fog clearing slightly after noon. Clear. Dull, cold night. Dull, foggy. Clear, warm. Clear. Dull, cool. Clear. Clear, cold. Clear. Black fog first thing. Clear, becoming dull and cool in the afternoon. Poured with rain all morning. Clear. Clear. Weather unsettled. Dull and rainy al day. Dull, rain shower in the morning. Dull. Thick morning fog. Dull. Light rain, clearing in the afternoon. Dull. A pervasive yellow fog in the morning. Dull, downpour in the evening. Dull and rainy all day. Dull, rainy. Dull, rainy. Dull, rainy. Foggy at first, clearing to ordinary dull weather. Dull, cool. Dull. Dull, rainy. Dull, rainy. Dull. Dull, very heavy storm at nightfall. Dull, light rain. Dull, rainy, clearing. Dull, rainy, cool. Clear. Dull. Dull, rainy. Dull. Dull. Clear. Heavy snow in the evening. Dull. Dull. Light rain at nightfall. Dull. Dull. Still dull and cold. Dull. Dull, rainy. Dull. Clear. Clear. Clear, rain. Clear. Light rain. Clear. Dull, light rain at nightfall. Clear, warm. It clouded over at nightfall, and a light rain fell. Thick fog. Dull. Clear. Clear. Clear. Dull. Dull. Slightly clearer. Light rain. Rain stopped. Clear. Clear. Dull, foggy. Clear. Thickly overcast and slightly cooler by nightfall. Clear, cold. Clear, cold. First ice, with a freezing north wind. Clear. Clear. Clear. Dull. Rain at nightfall. Overcast and dripping with rain at first, clearing slightly in the afternoon. Clear. Heavy rain at nightfall. Dull. Clear, warm as mid-spring in China. Clear. Clear. Dull, rainy. Rain stopped, the sky cleared, and I got a little bit warmer. Clear. Clear. Dull and rainy. Dull. Clear. Clear. Very windy at nightfall. Clear. Very windy all day. Clear, cold. Clear. Clear. Clear, very windy. Clear. Clear, cool. Clear. Dull, cool. Dull, showery in the morning. Clear, cool. Foggy at first, clearing in the morning. Foggy again at first, clearing in the morning. As cool as mid-autumn by nightfall. Clear, a little warmer than yesterday. Clear. Dull, heavy rain at nightfall. Clear. The evening was as bright as day, with a brilliant moon in the sky, a field of splendid stars looking down and burst of fireworks. Dull. Clear. Cloudy by in the afternoon and heavy rain by nightfall. Dull. Torrential rainstorm in the afternoon, great flashes of slender lighting throughout. Dull and rainy. Heavy rain, combined with snow and hail. Rain stopped. Clear. Clear. Clear, cold. Dull with rain until the afternoon. Clear. Cold with a light breeze by nightfall. Clear. Heavy snow from early on. Clear. High wind and quite cold at nightfall. Clear. Clear. Clear. Heavy snow at first. Dull, rainy. Snow first thing, light rain after lunch. Dull and rainy all day. Clear. Clear until when heavy snow made it colder. Dull, rainy. Dull, rainy. Clear. Clear, a little cooler. Clear. Very clear. Clear. Clouded over after lunch. Dull. Clear, clouding over. Heavy snow at nightfall. Blizzard first thing, snow fully a foot thick, clearing slightly in the morning. The night was overcast again and very cold. Dull and rainy. Rain stopped in the afternoon. Still dull. Weather changeable. Clear. Clear. Clear. Heavy snow at nightfall. Dull and rainy. Clear. Clear. Drizzle at nightfall. Clear, clouding over in the afternoon. Heavy rain during the night. Clear morning, dull and rainy afternoon. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Somewhat overcasts at nightfall. Clear. Clear. Clear. Drizzle at nightfall. Dull and cool. Still drizzling. Clear. Clear. Clear. Heavily overcast in the afternoon, a little clearer but cool. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Weather unsettled. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear, warm. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Overcast at nightfall. Heavy rain all morning. Rain stopped at nightfall; still cloudy. Heavy rain as yesterday. Dull. Downpour. Heavy rain. Stopped raining in the afternoon; still cloudy. Dull. Dull. Dull. A breeze cleared the sky. Clear. Clear. Dull, cool. Dull and cold at first, clearing. Clear. Turned very cold with dense cloud over and a breeze. A clear morning gave way to torrential rain. Dull and showery. Slightly cooler at nightfall with rustling breeze. Rain, clearing at nightfall. Clear. Dull and rainy all day. Slightly warmer at nightfall when the rain stopped. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear, warm. Clear. Clear. Clear. Weather unsettled. Dull, cool. Dull. Dull and showery. Dull. Clear. Clear, hot. Clear, very hot. Clear and hot as yesterday. Somewhat cooler with a wind rising. Clear. Cloudy and cool by nightfall. Dull. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Dull. Rain stopped. Still cloudy. Dull and rainy, very windy and slightly clearer after lunch. Drizzle, clearing in the afternoon. Weather unsettled. Clear. Dull, rainy, clearing. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear, warm. Clear. Slightly windier and weather unsettled by nightfall. Clear. Clear, warm. Dull. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear, hot. Clear. Cloudy by nightfall. Dull morning brightening after lunch. Clear. Clear. Clear, warm. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear, very hot. Cloudy by nightfall. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Overcast and cool by nightfall. Dull at first, brightening after lunch. Clear. Overcast by nightfall. Light shower. Changeable, warm. Cool and drizzle by nightfall. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear fist thing, clouding over in the afternoon. Clear. Clear, windy. Clear. Clear, warm. Clear. Dull. Cloud and rain clearing. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear morning, clouding over after lunch. Weather cleared at nightfall. Clear. Clear. Cloudy and raining by nightfall. Dull morning brightening. Clear. Clear. Clear. Very windy at nightfall. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Cloudy and rainy by nightfall. Cloudy at first. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear, calm. Sea dark blue. Clear, calm. Clear. Clear. Sea as calm as yesterday. Clear, calm. Clear. Clear. Clear, warm. Slightly overcast at nightfall, the temperature that of the early dog days. Clear. Dull at first, clearing. Sea black. Clear. Sea as calm as yesterday and blue. Clear, calm. Clear. Steady on a calm sea the same color as the sky. Clear. Clear. Cloudy and cool by nightfall. Clear, cool. Clear. Clear. The wind has dropped a little, but there is still a swell. Clear. Wind dropped and a tranquil sea. Dull, water calm. Light shower of fine drizzle in the morning. Clear by nightfall. Clear, calm. It clouded over in the morning and poured with rain again. Clear by nightfall. Dull, cool. Clear. Clear. Sea as flat as a mirror. Breezy by nightfall with an early-autumn chill. Clear and warm. Clear, calm. Breeze at nightfall but no waves. Clear. A calm, deep-green sea with no waves. Overcast and cooler. Clear in the morning, cloudy by over six with heavy rain. More rain in the afternoon. The sea was black and extremely calm today, and a thick fog that descended at nightfall. A little bit clearer. Clear. Breezy and warm by nightfall. Clear. Turned rather cold with heavy shower. Clear. Dull. Thunder and lighting struck together in the morning, with a massive downpour that churned the sea unto waves, while the peaks were wreathed in solid cloud. Dull. Heavy rain. Clear. It was raining gently. Clear. Clear. Heavy rain. Clear. Clear, calm. Clear. A very calm sea changing from blue to yellow. Weather unsettled and rather cooler. Clear and cool. Clear, cold; headwind. Clear; headwind. Sea turned yellow in the afternoon. Clear. Shower of rain in the morning. Clear, clouding over in the morning with rain. The weather was very cool. Clear. Weather dull and somewhat cold. Dull. Weather unsettled. Light shower of rain at nightfall. Clear, calm. Deep blue sea. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Very cold. Weather unsettled. Wind dropped at nightfall, and it was rather cold. Clear.






Two bowls of beef and a plate of cabbage.
“This” he informed him “is the fruit which Lu Ji kept in his bosom in the Three Kingdoms. Please accept it, if only as a solace for family ties.”
Apples at supper. Somewhat tart.
Spinach, cabbage, peas, beans and turnips, even onions, garlic, eggplants and squash. Of fruit and nuts, oranges are large, persimmons small, peanuts and hazelnuts over finger-sized and chestnuts and melons rather bigger than those at home, while such as are best eaten cooked are stewed on the side of fire and not very tasty.
Watermelon and apples for dinner, deliciously sweet.
Xingjiang restaurant.
There are deliciously sweet white grapes at supper.
Champagne was poured and coffee served.
Mexican fruit called mango was served at supper.
A sumptuous dinner was served to music in the garden.
Dine at Delmonico’s.
Dumplings with crab, stuffing eggplant, cowpeas and cucumber.
Shrimp soup and breast of goose.
Soft-shelled crabs and peas for breakfast.
Seafood (crab and shrimp) and game (swallows and sparrows) prepared (quite deliciously) after the chinese fashion. Home afterwards.
Saw a black vegetable in the kitchen shaped like a pickled turnip and tasting like old leather.
The copious spread of food and drink was a delight to host and guests alike.
For supper western speciality called roast beef, a full foot of meal broiled at a gentle fire and seasoned: sweet, crisp and excellent.
Everyone eats beef and plum pudding.
Apples and pears both tasting of honey at dinner.
We all sat down at the same table after a very long and most satisfying talk.
The French are as addicted by nature to coffee as Chinese are to tea.
Recently we have had peas, beans, cabbage and spinach at every meal, grown in hothouses. Even commoner are fresh mushrooms.
For meat there was beef and lamb, for vegetables only turnips.
Chicken soup, boiled fish, ox tongue and shoulder of mutton.
Now the great gastronomic principle is correct preparation, without which nothing will taste right; in particular one must bend the rules here and there with heat, timing and ingredients, for only monotony will be achieved through slavish adherence.
Boiled asparagus in a white sauce, tasting sweet and vaguely rank.
Noticed local people eating a vegetable called artichoke, which is peony-shaped and green and has petals like a lily. It is bitter and eaten boiled and dipped in cow’s milk.
Iced milk, pears and tangerines.
Chinese noodle soup with champagne to drink.
Had smallish watermelons fro dinner, with green rind and yellow flesh that was aromatic but not very sweet.
Though i have Western meals daily, yet a Chinese noodles still remain on my diet.
Cakes, nuts, fruit and betel at the door.
Two branches of fresh betel and six coconuts.

´ diari of a chinese diplomat, altaió 10 (inèdit)