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Un poema de la Xina, not published poetry book



Interviwe at “Artworld” magazine, Shanghai

Printer, sound sculpture in the exhibition “The sound of nowhere”, Homeshop, Beijing

Player at the orchestra of holland composer Martijn Tellinga, shows at Beijing and Shnaghai

Local production for european tour of Beijing Red Theater “Kungfu Legend”





Altrejó, not published poetry book



Performance at “Ox Warehause”, Macau

Chinese corresponsal for radio program Cabaret Elèctric from national radio from Catalonia

Local production of Spanish Pavillion deconstruction, Shanghai EXPO, Shanghai

Sound poetry event at UCCA, 798, Beijing

Performance inside Subjam “Supermarket”, Ucca, 798, Beijing

Opened the graphic design studio dezignzzzzztudio





Chinese visual poetry published in a collective volume in Tarragona (Spain), Arola publishing house

International international sound poem published in the online sound art magazine “Aslongasittakes” number 3, New York

Un instant convertit al panteisme, article on chinese dance published in the magazine “Reflexions entorn de la dansa”, Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona



Lectures in Peng Hao inside Burning the Guqing (焚琴煮鶴)

Direction and writing of theater piece Plantar una olivera, Barribrossa 2009, Barcelona

Digital poetry showed in the international E-poetry Festival, Barcelona

Poetry show at Medialab Prado, Madrid

Poetry reading “On no hi ha sang no s’hi fan botifarres” with Josep Pedrals, Eduard Escoffet & Martí Sales a l’Adriantic Teatre, Barcelona

Exhibition of Internacional internacional sound poem at Can Fabra, Barcelona

Curator of The book and the brick, exhibition on chinese books at Centre de Cultura Octubre, València

Chinese corresponsal for radio program Cabaret Elèctric from national radio from Catalonia





physic poem inside the magazine La Más Bella, Madrid

Ens han deixat els ous a la pastera, visual poem for the collective exhibition Munidbujado, Madrid

Pain, poem inside the project “last book” by Luis Camnitzer

visual poem inside the collective exhibition Mundibujado in homage to Peters Projection

The digestive act of reading, action-sound poem presented at 2kolegas and Peng Hao (inside Burning the Guqing 焚琴煮鶴)

加油时, visual poetry in chinese



星期三, weekly art film events at 2Kolegas, Beijing

De pega performance at the happening by La Mas Bella in China, Iberia Art Center, Beijing

assistance for Maria Pages’s show in Beijing (last show of the Spanish year in china), National Theater for Performing Arts

exhibition of Al Buit inside an artist magazine exhibition made by MNCARS (Madrid) in Alexandria

assistance for the work of the artist Alberto Garcia-Alix in Beijing

lecture of poems and sound poetry at Sugarjar, 798, Beijing

lecture of Puaj.Ecs. by Eduard Escoffet and Josep Pedrals at La Nau, Barcelona

Cabaret Elèctric’s (icatfm radio) voice in Beijing

No pasaran! performance at open art festival, open gallery, 798, Beijing

分 performance at Dadao Festival, Rain Gallery, 798, Beijing

Cosmicwind 2008 collaboration insisde the workshop at UCCA and show at Yigong Yishan, Beijing

lecture in WaterKuaning, 2kolgas, Beijing

exhibition of “Al Buit” inside Ensamblados, Valladolid, Spain

organization of Burning the Guqing (焚琴煮鶴) 4 nights of sound and poetry and lectures, in Peng Hao





Text into a special dossier inside the newspaper El Periódico for the Dance International Day, BCN

Beeing Beijing, article at the art magazine El Temps d’Art, València



Exhibition of the digital poem cucss at Dashanzi Art Festival, Must Be Contemporary Art Center, Beijing

Performance Readingexercice1 at Dadao Festival, 798, Beijing

Presentation of Pop Up! at Digital Power Poetry (digital poetry meeting & simposium), Goa, India

Sabores y Lenguas China (Antoni Miralda’s project) coordination and production in China

Imperium (La Fura dels Baus) local production and assistance in Beijing, Meet in Beijing Festival, 798, Beijing

Local production and assistance for La Fura dels Baus at the happening-opening of Ullens Center UCCA at 798, Beijing





Presentation text of La Caldera, La Caldera (dance space in Barcelona)

Estimat Eto’o. Novel, published as Joan Oliva, Edicions 62

Pop up. Digital poem showed at Berlin, not published

Les manies de Megalo. Poem, magazine “La Más Bella”, number Grandes éxitos

La Belbel Underground. Circ of text, written with Eduard Escoffet and Carles Hac Mor, not published

Títol tercer: finances i economia. Poem, magazine “L’equilibrista” num. 1



Presentation of Huckelberryfinn by Martí Sales at Espai Mallorca, Barcelona

Poetry interchange Barcelona-Berlin Eine Poetische Transfer, Instituto Cervantes, Berlín

Direction and production of La Belbel Underground, played at Mercat de les Flors on 30, 31 May and 1 April, Barcelona





Gertrudis!. Scenic poem with A-ton djs and Edrok vj, inside Per-versos, Nau Ivanow, Barcelona

¡Wamba Va!. Play, written with Eduard Escoffet, Martí Sales and Josep Pedrals, not published

Poum, Poum […] és?. Poem, magazine “Circo de Pulgas”, Madrid

L’aigüera del francès. Poem, not published

Culdellàntia. Novel (grant KRTU to the Young Creativity), not published

Alternativa B. Scenic poem, written with Eduard Escoffet, not published

Puaj./Ecs. Play, written with Josep Pedrals and Eduard Escoffet, not published

Around the world in 8 minuts. Video made with Montse Bru and Nina F. Bru

Llibretats. 5 graphic poems, printing 3 exemplars in canvas 1,20 m x 80 cm appearing at Fira del Llibre Antic i Modern, Passeig de Gràcia, Barcelona

L’infern de l’armilla. Articles, weekly column at cultural supplement of newspaper Avui



Reading poetes estatutaris, Antic Teatre, Barcelona

¡Wamba Va! In program at Mercat de les Flors the 8, 9 & 10 April, Barcelona

Reading at Còdols de poesia, Cerdanyola del Vallès

Reading at Revista caminada, Barcelona Poesia, Barcelona

Por qué, Por qué. Reading at yhe After hours of young catalan poetry of Barcelona Poesia, Palau de la Virreina, Barcelona

Collective reading at U.A.B. theater, Bellaterra

Grant of research for the P.O.U.M.’s project, a centre to explore actual poetries

Collaboration with the painter Tadeo Sánchez for an artist book

Participation at PAN, Morille’s poetry festival, Salamanca

Reading Bouetes 2004 at La Cava

Actuation at the program of theVAX at the Art Biennial of Vilanova de Cerveira, Portugal

Xaperos. Three pin poems as a critic to the Culture National Awards made with Eduard Escoffet and distributed at TNC during the ceremony, Barcelona

Playing Alternativa B for the appearing of a banner by Joan Brossa, Fira del llibre antic i modern, Passeig de Gràcia, Barcelona

Puaj./Ecs. Played in catalan at La Palma, Reus and in spanish at San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid

Playing Alternativa B at Documenta bookshop, Barcelona

Exhibition of “Al Buit” magazine at the gallery MX Espai, Barcelona

Demà no m’afaitaràs. Speech performance at Encontre d’Escriptors dels Premis Octubre, València

Pensar el moviment. Participation as a writer into this dance meeting at La Caldera (with Andrés Waksman, Elena Albert, Idoia Zabaleta, Monica Valenciano, Tomas Aragay, Victoria Macarte, Josep Pedrals and Jean-Marc Adolphe), Barcelona

Presentation of the book Huckelberryfinn by Martí Sales at Lloseta, Mallorca

Voice of the film Un navet by Maurice Lamaitre inside the Lettriste Cinema cycle at MACBA, Barcelona

Exhibition of Llibretats, Documenta’s bookshop window, Barcelona

Participation at closing act of Lettriste Cinema cycle at MACBA performing some personages in Le film est déjà commencé? de Maurice Lamaitre, MACBA, Barcelona





JVB. Poetry anthology of Joan Vinuesa, not published

La U urbana. 20 graphic poems, not published

Pelos de tonto. Postal poem, inside Mail Me, Electa publish house

Testament, Assassinat, Anatomia. Police novel, magazine “Al Buit”, number ET: molt tòxic

Papilo Polytes. Poem, ctalog of Xavier Déu’s exhibition at Galeria Metropolitana, Barcelona

Literary critics at cultural supplement of newspaper Avui


Rambo. Scenic poem, written with Eduard Escoffet and Martí Sales inside Barri Brossa, Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona

BCN, T’HO PORTO / BCN TO PORTO, curator of this exhibition at Maus Hábitos, Porto

Reading at the “Poets and Puppets” of spring, Barcelona

Musician of Yoshi Wadda at the concert of LEM Festival, Barcelona

Això no és un poema, la poesia és a Sant Cugat. Flyers by the Poesia a Sant Cugat, Sant Cugat

Exhibition at the Auditory of Sant Cugat from 10 November at 31 Desember, Sant Cugat

Grant to the Young Creativity by Generalitat de Catalunya


Appearing two numbers eight C: corrosiu and XI: irritant with a videgraphic bus tour, Barcelona

(summary C: corrosiu: Artemio, Rubén Gutiérrez, Hiperdespacio, El Chino, Enrico Ranzanicci, Martí Sales, Jon Uriarte, Ester Xargay, Koji Asano)

(summary XI: irritant: Martí Ruiz, Roser Gay Consola, Maria Neira, Carmen Bonet, Núria Jansana)

Appearing number O: comburent with a conference by Jesús del Hoyo into a stand of Boqueria market, Barcelona

(summary: Rut Pin, Ivan López, Josep Pedrals, Jesús del Hoyo, Àlex Trochut, Marta Cerda, Gerard Altaió, Martí Sales, Elisabetta Bauce)

Write, edition and direction of the book and catalogue that ends as a number 10 ET: molt tòxic the magazine “Al Buit”. Murder and funeral of the magazine at the butcher Xarcuteria Subirats, Santa Perpètua de Mogoda

(summary: Ximena Labra, Juan Esbert, Anna Llàcer, Gerard Altaió, Matias Corea)





5 pomes gràfics. Design poems with Juan Esbert, magazine “Al Buit”, number Xn: nociu

Segells. Postal poems builded with stamps

Desorientació. Art critic, magazine “El Temps d’Art”, number September-October

Poèmics. Digital poems series (Flash), magazine “Al Buit”, number EI: extremadament inflamable

Ics. Banner poem, 5.000 exemplars published by IC-V and distributed at the electoral campaign

Clip-Clac. Scenic script, not published



Clip-clac. Closing spectacle of Ribermúsica Festival, Santa Maria del Mar, Barcelona

Workshop at Arts Studies of U.B. with Betta Bauce and Juan Esbert, Barcelona

Performance Cos-en-lletra3: Quatre colors aparien el món, Centre Cívic Garcilaso, Barcelona



Appearing fourth number Xn: nociu at the line 3 metro stations of Barcelona. Party Ateneu Llibertari del Xino

(summary: Manel Marí, Melcion Mateu, Albert Gusi, Pau López, forns Artigas, Josep Pedrals, Juan Esbert, Gerard Altaió, Marc Romera, Raquel de Diego, Carles Llàcer, Francesc Bombí)

Appearing fifth number E: explosiu with acts and events in various towns and spaces

(summary: Abel Figueras, Evru, David Ymbernon, Màrius Palmés, Molts sou, Víctor el Pacheco, Andreu Balius, Roger Adam, Carles Llàcer)

Appearing sixth number EI: extremadament inflamable with a water party at L’Atelier, Barcelona

(summary: Rafael Tous, Pilar Anglarill, Berta Olivas, Hara Kraan, Bàrbara Vidal, Lulú Martorell, Montserrat Tavolazza, Joana, Plàcid Garcia-Planas, Matilde Grau, Zösen)





85, JPiF, 85. Essay, not published

Analogia. Arquitecture poem writted with Mario Michetti, “Al Buit”, number T: tòxic

L’ase dels cops. Scenic poem, festival Ribermusica, Barcelona

D’allò que les coses estan fetes. Hand text, exhibition Aire II by the painter Xavier Déu, Institut Francès

Digital poem. Participation in multimedia poroject by the artist Chema Alvargonzález at CaixaForum, Barcelona



Resident poet of January at the Horiginal bar, Barcelona

Reding inside Carles Hac Mor & Ester Xargay’s exhibition, La Capella, Barcelona

Poetry dinner. Reading and coordination, Can Festís, Sant Pere de Riudebitlles

Presentation of poetry book Llunes d’aram by Helena Porteros, centre cívic Can Felipa, Barcelona

Gloss of Josep Palau i Fabre. Poetry day at Santiga, Santa Perpètua de Mogoda

Off-Recital, Poetry Week, Barcelona

Coordination and reading at homage acts to Segimon Serrallonga (12 May Rita Blue, 21 May Rita Blue, 6 June Horiginal), Barcelona

Reading at the “Poets and Puppets” of Saint Joan, Barcelona

Reading at Pirinaigua Festival, Montgarri



Direction and creation of the objectual art magazine “Al Buit”

Subscribing party and premature born of the magazine at Círcol Maldà on 26 Jaunuary, Barcelona

Appearing first number I: inflamable at the subway between Putget street and General Mitre (press at Foix de Sarrià cake shop)

Homage act to Segimon Serrallonga with young poets on 21 May at Rita Blue bar

(summary: Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Francesc Bombí, David Broggi, Xavier Déu, Martina Escoda, Jesús Galdón, Armando Gnisci, João Maimona, Rita Marnoto, Josep Pedrals, Nico Roig, Segimon Serrallonga, Stevka Smitran, Youssef Wakkas)

Appearing second number T: tòxic at Jean Genet’s square (press at Crèdit passage in front the natal house of Joan Miró)

(summary: Gerard Altaió, Mario Michetti, David Ymbernon, Martí Sales, Mariona Giner, Geoff Lupo, Anna Rovira, Jaume Josa)

Appearing of third number N: perillós per al medi ambient at Barceloneta’s beach, Sant Hipòlit de Voltregà, Terrassa, Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, Mallorca and València (press at perfumes section at the El Corte Inglés)

(summary: Gerard Altaió, Bernat Borràs, Francesc Bombí, Anna Carreras, Meritxell Cucurella Jorba, Iván Díaz Sancho, Raquel de Diego, Eduard Escoffet, Martina Escoda, Antoni Mateu, Pilar Parcerisas, Josep Pedrals, Helena Porteros, Pere Roca, Martí Sales, Jordi Valls)





Primera tesi topogramàtica. Poem, magazine “Besllum” number 4

Printing of visual poem enèsima tesi topogramàtica, “Senhal” number 56

Esta historia no es mía. Essay, “Cañamo”, 2002 especial number

Se me n’ha anat el cel al cap. Text made in 4 hands with Carles Hac Mor, catalogue of Jesús Galdón’s exhibition at the Museum of Sant Pol, Sant Pol de Mar



Readings at the Poetry Week, Barcelona

Collaboration into the David Ymbernon’s play Latung La La

Member of New Tool’s football team by David Ymbernon

Escenes secundàries d’un rèprobe asexuat, play at Santa Susanna

Opening night of Horiginal bar with Francesc Bombí and Josep Pedrals, Barcelona

Readings and collaboration with poetry acts at the Horiginal bar, Barcelona

Round table at the XXX Premis Octubre with Arnau Puig, Abel Figueras & Eduard Escoffet, València

Musician at the concert of Walter Thompson at the LEM Festival, Barcelona

Reading at Fira del Porcell, Àger





Culsdellàntia. Book, not published


Closing of the cycle “Viatge a la Polinèsia” with Vicenç Altaió and the collaboration of the painters Jesús Galdón and Antoni Llena, CCCB, Barcelona

Redaction of some articles for music encyclopedia Placresa, Planeta publishing house





Llengua de muda. Poetry, local award Santa Perpètua de Mogoda

Enèsima tesi topogramàtica. Visual poem writted with the artist Jesús Galdón

Perejaume. Essay, not published

La gargamella i la gallina de Guinea. “Fenici”, number Audiopoètiques 2



“Cetrencada”. Third number CONCEPTUALISME appearing at Barcelona at Margarita Blue bar with Màrius Serra speech and a snail race.

Presentation of the magazine at the U.A.B., Bellaterra

(summary: Jordi Alcaraz, Joan Pagès, Francesc J. Fortuny, Antoni Llena+Gerard Altaió, Màrius Serra, Vicenç Altaió, Francesc Ribot)



Hiparxiologi o ritual de la religió catalana, Francesc Pujols. Transcription for “Cave Canis”, num. 9

Reading at Carles Hac Mor & Ester Xargay’s exhibition at Torre Muntadas, Prat del Llobregat

Reading at the book’s presentation Despintura del Jo by Carles Hac Mor, MACBA, Barcelona

Performance nomadisme/suïcidi/metempsicosi/ventriloquia (Third National Performance Award of Vespella de Gaià), Vespella de Gaià

Reading at Cardedeu’s Price (poetic sausage), Cardedeu

Collaboration with the publish and the final act of art magazine “Cave Canis”, Sala Metrònom, Barcelona





Antipoètica tonada del fet ben fet. Poetry, not published

Darrera execució. el llenguatge i l’Altre són u. Poetry, local award Santa Perpètua de Mogoda

Contra l’art del buit secundari. Poetry, collective catalogue “Una mirada a l’infinit”, Local Exhibition Room of Santa Perpètua de Mogoda

Escenes secundàries d’un rèprobe asexuat. Play, not published

La puta d’oros. Object poem, original send to Frédéric Duprat

Després d’una trucada esporàdica del Carles Hac Mor escric a raig un poema a la Neus Umbert en un sol dia. Poem, “News Culturals Vespella de Gaià”, num. 4

La imatge invisible. Object poem, original send to Veronique Aubouy

El viatge. Poetry prose, six images for painting work by Jesús Galdón, not published. Self published 6 exemplars



“Cetrencada”. Second number CATALANITAT, appearing at Barcelona into Raval Bookshop with Antoni Defez, Jordi Portabella and Arcadi Espada speach and a taste of tipical Catalan Countries food.

Appearing at Girona at the University of Girona with a poetry slam by Pau Riba, Noel Tatu, Gerard Altaió and Francesc Bombí

(summary: Frédéric Duprat, Aleix Vidal-Quadras, Patrick Gifreu, Antoni Arca, Laura Bertran, Antoni Defez, Joan Brossa, Israel Clarà, Pau Faner)


Antipoeta de la poesia antipoètica performance, Sala Metrònom, Barcelona

Antipoetry performance, Philology champ of U.B., Barcelona

Second poetry salm of erotic poetry at Philosophy champ of U.B., Barcelona

Poetry attack at Philology classes of U.B. (with Francesc Bombí, Enric Casasses, Joan Vinuesa, Gerard Horta, Jaume Sisterna and Noel Tatu), Barcelona

Escenes secundàries d’un rèprobe asexuat, show at Philosophy champ of U.B., Barcelona

Performance Louis Wolfson 1, Vespella de Gaià (National Performance Award)

Performance Qui ens ha pres el temps Walter?, Philosphy bar of U.B., Barcelona

Acció cos-en-lletra 2, B-movie (Brigittenstr. 5) with the musician Y-ton-G, Hamburg





Praxis 48. Essay, not published

Antipoesia de la poesia antipoètica. Poetry, local award Santa Perpètua de Mogoda

Dos poemes per al Ball de Gitanes de Santa Perpètua. Poetry, interchange Sta. Perpètua-Touluse



“Cetrencada”. Director with Antoni Mañach. First number CULTURA, Appearing at Samassí bar with the video-action “oracle disseminat”

(summary: Jesús Galdón, Albert Bidon-Chanal, Rosa Carreras, Fernando Esquiliche, Nerea Graziani, Carles Hac Mor, Jaume Mascaró, Raimon Panikkar, Santiago Planas, Òscar Ribas)

“Sifasol”. Director, design and redaction num. 10, 11 & 12



Slam poetry at the Philosophy champ of U.B, Barcelona

Versos del Retour d’âge, Josep Pla. Reading show with Vicenç Altaió into the “Viatge a la Polinèsia” program, Sala Metrònom, Barcelona





Novel, not published

II. Novel, not published



“Sifasol”. Director and design of num. 7, 8 & 9



Tardes d’estiu, Salvador Dalí. Transcription for “Cave Canis”, num. 3.

Els nous cent consells del consell de cent, Enric Casasses and La puerta entronada, Ángel Crespo. Transcription for “Cave Canis”, num. 4.




25/VI/1995. Novel, not published

(obra de teatre sense títol). Play, not published

Carnaval speech of Santa Perpètua de Mogoda

Què me’n diu senyor comissari? Tale, magazine “Sifasol” num. 4



“Ahuc”. Publisher and director

“Sifasol”. Director and design of num. 5 & 6





Un dia qualsevol. Novel, not published

Sobre tot allò que forma el llegat humà. Tale, magazine “Sifasol” num. 3



Writer for “Sifasol”, num. 1, 2 & 3